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PVC, Rilsan or Abcite dip coating on metal components

PVC, Rilsan or Abcite dip coatings

We carry out PVC, Rilsan or Abcite dip coatings on any metal component, even those operating under difficult conditions, such as corrosion, acidity, dust, humidity, etc.

Rilsan is a polyamide 11, and Abcite belongs to the polyethylene family. Various colours are available for a more attractive look or for differentiation. The thickness varies between 0.2 and 0.5 mm.

For our PVC dip coatings, the hardness and thickness may vary depending on the intended application. Available materials: standard or hydrocarbon-resistant PVC; food grade PVC; conductive or non-conductive antistatic PVC; PVC for electroplating; PVC granules.

The use of PVC 55 to 65 sh. is recommended for its adhesive properties, resistance to abrasion and ability to absorb vibrations.

The use of PVC 80 to 90 sh. is recommended for its electrical insulation properties and resistance to impacts and vandalism.

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