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Soufflet de protection PVC

Manufacture de Santranges: PVC protective bellows

Standard PVC protective bellows

With our range of standard PVC protective bellows, we can accommodate most requirements. Our standard bellows are a core component in our product base and can be produced individually or in bulk.


  • in standard material (for bellows that come into contact with water, air, sand, etc.) )
  • in Hydrocarbon-resistant (for contact with oils, greases, fuels, etc.)
  • in white “toy standard” (this material can be used for food contact as it is not toxic)
  • in silicone with textile weave (for temperatures up to 200°C)
  • anti-static material (for electrical environments)
  • translucent material

All materials range from -20°C to +80°C.


  • cylindrical
  • conical


  • zip fastener (for easy assembly/disassembly)
  • vent hole (to expel air if the bellows are compressed)
  • filter (same principle as the vent but with a small grid)
  • support pad (avoids contact between the bellows and a rotating shaft)
  • extension limiter (if the bellows is mounted vertically to prevent the weight from pressing on the top end only)
  • stainless steel rings (inside when the bellows are depressurised, outside when the bellows are pressurised)
  • reinforced corrugations in 90 shores (to reinforce the bellows)

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